BCSS   Zone 9

Registered Charity No 290786

The British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) has around 80 branches which are organised into zones. Zone 9 comprises four branches, each with their own web site with full details of branch activities:

Our zone representative is John Foster.

We hold a one day convention each year in April.

Zone 9 Convention

Sunday 24th April 2016

Hardwicke Village Hall
Green Lane, Hardwicke, Gloucester, GL2 4QA

Paul Hoxey Exploring for Cacti in Mexico
A presentation based on several trips to the northern states of Mexico. Predominately photos of the cacti but with a few of the other succulent plants to be found in these desert areas, along with some views of the scenery.
Wiebe Bosma Succulents of Ethiopia
A travelogue on a trip to Ethiopia with emphasis on Stapeliads, Aloe and Euphorbia. A presentation with plants, animals, scenery and people.
Martin Lowry Lobivias: the story so far
The history of the genus Lobivia from the discovery of the first plants until the recent molecular revelations, including the discoveries of many well known explorers illustrated with images of antiquarian botanical drawings and of plants in habitat and cultivation.



Hosted by South Wales Branch

Admission by ticket only, at 15 each to include lunch and afternoon tea.

Tickets are available from any Zone 9 branch secretary or the Zone Rep.

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