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Convention Programme

The British Cactus & Succulent Society (BCSS) has around 80 branches which are organised into zones. Zone 9 comprises these four branches:

All are welcome to attend any of our branch meetings - see our programme, or visit the individual branch web sites for further details.

Our zone representative is John Foster.

We hold a one day convention each year in April.

Zone 9 Convention

Sunday 28th April 2019

Shurdington Social Centre
Bishop Road, Shurdington, Cheltenham, GL51 4TB

Hazel Taylor Cactus highlights in North-eastern Mexico
A trip organised by the CSSA in 2015 begins in Mexico City, heads north to Metztitlan, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, returning via San Luis Potosi. Plants seen include Turbinicarpus horripilus, Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus, Mammillaria orcuttii and much more, including a hands and knees search for Mammillaria albiflora.
John Hughes Cool customers (plants to grow with minimum heating)
A showcase of cacti and succulents that can be grown in a cold greenhouse, linking the type of plants to their conditions in habitat.
Bob Potter Zimbabwe
In November 2015 Bob travelled with 2 Dutch friends into Zimbabwe via South Africa and Botswana. They went in at the North and came out in the South, visiting some wonderful plant locations and meeting members of the Aloe, Cactus and Succulent Society of Zimbabwe.


Hosted by Gloucester Branch

Admission by ticket only, at 15 each to include all refeshments.

Tickets are available from any Zone 9 branch secretary or the Zone Rep.

Zone 9 programme for 2018

For further details please visit the branch web sites, as listed above.

Download this programme as a PDF

January 13GloucesterAGM and plant auction
February 1WiltshireMike Read – Sonia Barker-Fricker slide show
February 10GloucesterGeoff Bowman – Cacti through my camera
February 20BristolHeidelberg, plus new introductions (Frank Horwood) – BCSS digital library
February 21South WalesVenezuela (Keith Grantham) – BCSS digital library
March 1WiltshireRodney Sims – Little Karoo
March 10GloucesterGordon Rowley's Cactotherapy – BCSS digital library
March 20BristolJohn Watmough – Spring has sprung
March 21South WalesChris Davies – Southern Arizona
April 3BristolA visit to Cannington Walled Gardens – starts 11:00; entry approx 6
April 5WiltshireDavid Traish – The beauty of our plants
April 14GloucesterPeter Sparkes – Madagascar
April 17BristolPaul Klaassen – The threatened cacti of Brazil
April 18South WalesFrank Sengpiel – Adventures in Mexico
April 22Zone 9 Convention – Shurdington Social Centre, Shurdington, Cheltenham (ticket only)
May 3WiltshirePaul Klaassen – But I don't like Opuntias! / Madagascar 2017
May 12GloucesterKeith & Kathy Flanagan – Our collection
May 15BristolLauren Tobia – Little Green, Bristol
May 16South WalesAlan Phipps – Where have all the cowboys gone?
May 19South Wales Branch Show – Graig Community Centre, Bassaleg, Newport
May 26Bristol Combined Show – Filton Community Centre, Filton, Bristol
June 2Gloucester Branch Show – Shurdington Social Centre, Shurdington, Cheltenham
June 7WiltshireMark Preston – Epiphytes aren't just for Christmas!
June 9GloucesterMike Stansbie – Cactus identification
June 16Wiltshire Branch Show – Melksham Assembly Hall, Melksham
June 19BristolIan Woolnough – USA 2015
June 20South WalesPaul Klaassen – What I did last winter
June 30South West Cactus Mart – Portishead Youth Centre, Portishead, Bristol
July 5WiltshireCostas Papathanasiou – Ariocarpus in the flesh and in the frame
July 7GloucesterBill Darbon – Western Cape 2016
July 18South WalesEddy Harris – Conophytums
July 21BristolFish & chip supper at Tony Irons' (members/partners only)
August 2WiltshireTony Roberts – My world of Mammillarias
August 11GloucesterAlan Rollason – Probably the best Haworthia collection in the world
August 15South WalesRalph Martin – In my new greenhouse
September 6WiltshireJohn Foster – Succulent Senecios
September 8GloucesterRoy Earle – How to find Lithops in nature
September 18BristolIan Thwaites – Life of plants & gardens
September 19South WalesPaul Spracklin – Gardening with succulents
October 4WiltshireDavid Minnion – Baja California
October 13GloucesterMinishow of thematic displays
October 14Connie Hobbs Memorial Lecture – Ian Woolnough – Mexican highlights – Cleeve Village Hall, Cleeve, Bristol
October 16BristolSam Chorley & Tya Shannon – How to display plants
October 17South WalesJohn Hughes – Cacti of Ecuador
November 1WiltshireGeoff Bowman – Cacti through my camera
November 10GloucesterJohn Watmough – Cacti in my collection
November 20BristolDavid Traish – Early history of Mammillarias (part 2)
November 21South WalesIan Robinson – South Africa pink and green
December 6WiltshireAGM, Christmas Social and quiz with Mike Read
December 8GloucesterChristmas social
December 18BristolAGM, quiz and Christmas fare
December 19South WalesAGM and Christmas buffet

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